Bob Lutz's Page

Hawker Typhoon With a Clear Canopy

I love this model, Chip. I always ditch the paper canopy and model my own as a tool, which I then vacuum form out of thin, clear plastic. That canopy and frame took over ten hours; the most difficult part of the model.

Hawker Typhoon - Almost Finished

Almost finished. A great paper model of a fabulous airplane; thanks for many hours of serious, concentrated fun.

Fiddler's Green Hawker Typhoon

Just finished the "Typhoon"; a great model to build. I added a see-through canopy and full cockpit interior, plus 3D rockets instead of the flat ones. A very pleasing result.

(editor's note: We are looking for those who wish to make a youtube video for vacuum canopies - $20 reward. The video below shows Bob Martin demonstrating how to build clear canopies using clear packing tape.)